Impressionist Barbotine Majolica Large Ladie Shoes Longchamp

Impressionist Majolica Large Ladie Shoes Longchamp

French Impressionist barbotine majolica ladies shoe vase made probably by Longchamp during the 1880's. The hand worked barbotine shows flowers and leaves as an impressionnist painting. The shoe is numbered 1319 on the back and has two holes for hanging. Perfect condition with just a few minor chips on the flowers as you can see on the pictures below. 8 7/8" length 4 1/8" high 3 3/4" width.

For our French-speaking friends
Soulier de Dame en barbotine impressionniste vers 1880, peut être manufacture de Longchamp. Il est richement orné de fleurs. Bel état, plusieurs pétales cassées. Numéro de forme 1319. Longueur 22,6 cm, largeur 9,5 cm hauteur 10,5 cm.


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